Swarm Drone System has joined the Indian Army, the enemy bases will be destroyed on the border

Swarm drone system to keep vigil on the Indian borders

Swarm Drones have recently been inducted in the Indian Army. These drones will strengthen the army in operations against enemies. Especially on the borders, the army will not only be able to keep a close watch on the every move of the enemies, they will also be able to destroy their whereabouts.

The Indian Army in a statement said that in the wake of strong security along the border, it is evident from its use in various recent conflicts around the world that drone technology has proved to be a force multiplier in military operations. In our context as well, recent incidents at the borders have seen a significant increase in drone-related incidents at our borders.

The world has come to know about the importance and power of drones in various recent conflicts around the world, especially attacks on oil fields in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria and Saudi Arabia and the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict. Armies around the world have come to know that ground forces have a special need for drones for operations, which will strengthen the army and help the army in offensive and attacking operations.

Heavy on the enemy in every way

The Swarm drone system consists of multiple aerial vehicles that are Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled and capable of communicating with each other as well as with the control station. It not only keeps a close watch on the enemy's every move, but also specializes in destroying the enemy. The AI ​​based Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) feature enables the drone to differentiate between a vehicle and a human and displays it on the control station screen, making it much easier for the operator to select his target.

Purchase from two Indian startup companies

To incorporate this niche technology, the Indian Army has procured drones from two Indian startup companies.