Artificial Intelligence meets Drone technology to boost Defense of India

The new age India succeeds in combining drone technology with artificial intelligence to combat the enemies and be ready to defend itself against any future attacks using drones

Artificial Intelligence In Defense: India has made its impressive debut in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The military, government institutions and private companies are making full use of future technologies in the field of security to defence. There are drones to guard the border and to attack the enemy in a swarm. There are state-of-the-art systems to recognize the slightest glimpse of the face. The production of all these devices working on the basis of Artificial Intelligence is either about to start or has already started.

What did Rajnath Singh say?

On Monday, all the techniques based on Artificial Intelligence were handed over to the forces in the Defense Sector of Delhi. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh himself inspected the exhibition of all these technologies and products. Notable among these were the silent-sentry, trishul-remote weapon system and the mandarin translator device. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh clearly indicated in the program organized on Artificial Intelligence in Delhi that no big country or group will dominate this issue, as has happened in the case of nuclear power. India is progressing very fast in this field.

Terrorists' evening

He told that a DRDO lab has created such a system for face recognition, on which if the picture has been fed, then even after disguising, the criminal cannot run away. Regardless of the crowd or the use of fake beard or hair to hide. This system will be used to quickly identify terrorists or criminals escaping the law in airports, railway stations or crowded markets.

no longer the enemy

Rajnath Singh said that similarly a DRDO lab has developed a camera installed in a fighter jet, helicopter or drone. This camera recognizes tanks, vehicles, warships for the enemy from 50-60 km away and gives all the information about them immediately, that too in the midst of obstacles like darkness, fog. After this it becomes very easy to destroy the enemy's weapon or hideout.

Robot will monitor the border

An army lab has made such a robot that will monitor the border. This small robot running on an iron railing can work continuously for 6 hours in a radius of one km once the battery is charged. It will detect the intrusion, inform the command center about it, and if needed, it will also kill it with accurate targeting. This robot can find clues of intruders through thermal sensing even in the dark.

Drones will attack by forming a swarm

A private company has developed a swarm drone that can attack in swarms of hundreds. Bharat Dynamics Limited is putting two types of bombs and two types of rockets in this drone. These drones will fly in flocks of fifty, half of which will be equipped with cameras and the rest with weapons. Drones with cameras will inspect the entire area. Will reconnaissance of the enemy's preparations and then decide to attack himself. The command of the attack will also be in the hands of a drone with a camera, which will distribute the responsibility of attacking in the designated area as per the need.