Drone Shakti programme - Government push to enhance Drone ecosystem

Liberlised policy for drones for better compliance and wider adoption

This new plan comes after the government liberalised the Drone Rule in 2021, boosting the drone industry significantly.

FM Sitharaman also stated that the use of 'Kisan Drones' for cop assessment, digitalization of land records, insecticide spraying, and nutrition spraying will be encouraged. According to her Budget speech, a fund has been established that will be used by NABARD to finance rural enterprise and agriculture sector start-ups. This fund was also established as part of the co-investment strategy for the agricultural product value chain. These start-ups, according to FM Sitharaman, would help the formation and promotion of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) as well as providing technology to farmers.

The Central Government drafted the Drone Rules 2021 on August 25 of last year. Self-certification, trust, and non-intrusive monitoring are all part of these rules. Furthermore, these rules are intended to promote and assist expansion while balancing security and safety concerns.

Drone Shakti was declared by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her Budget speech today, February 1, giving the industry a boost. Startups will be encouraged to support Drone Shakti through various services and Drone-as-a-Service, according to the Budget 2022 statement.

"Startups will be encouraged to support 'Drone Shakti' through a variety of apps including Drone-as-a-Service" (DrAAS). The needed skilling courses will be initiated in certain ITIs across all states," Sitharaman declared in her Budget speech.

The government's announcement of Drone Shakti is considered as a fresh focus on drone technology and the emerging sector. According to analysts, Drone Shakti and Kisaan Drones will expand the penetration of this technology at the grassroots level, perhaps opening new options for the sector.