For the first time in India, a human-flying drone is ready, will fly two meters above the ground, will now give 'Agnipariksha' in the sea

Varuna's sea trials to validate matching the needs of the Navy will begin in the next 3 months. Varuna drone to reduce time and effort of transferring goods or humans from one ship to another.

For the first time, India has prepared a human-flying drone. The indigenously built pilotless drone has been designed for the Indian Navy. After thorough testing, the Indian Navy will use it on warships for the first time in war. After this it will be used to transport humans. Recently it was demonstrated in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the 'Swavalamban' program held in New Delhi.

During the demonstration, the pilotless drone took off about two meters above the ground and then proceeded before landing back. Indigenous drone 'Varun' has been made by startup 'Sagar Defence'. On the other hand, a person has to just sit in it and apart from that he has nothing to do. This drone will take him from one place to another on his own. It will be operated with the help of remote.

Nikunj Parashar, Founder and CEO, Sagar Defense Engineering, said in an interview, 'Varun' will be initially used for cargo transportation in the Navy. It has four auto pilot modes, some retaining the ability to fly continuously even in the event of a rotor failure. At present, it has been tested on land, we will conduct sea trials in the next three months.

In the ongoing trials, it has succeeded in transporting goods from one ship to another. It can also be used to transport patients to the hospital. Sagar Defense got this project from the Navy. The company was told that the project is to be completed in about one and a half years.

Capabilities of Varuna drone

  • One can fly up to 25 kilometers.
  • Carrying capacity of up to 130 kg of baggage or people from one place to another
  • will fly two meters above the ground
  • Time range 25 to 33 minutes.

Sea trials will happen soon

The land-based trials of the Varuna drone are currently underway and the sea trials of Varuna will begin in the next 3 months. Which will meet many needs of the Navy. At present, if the Navy has to transfer goods from one ship to another at sea, then both the ships are brought close to each other and then the goods are transported. With the help of Varun this task will be done easily.