IIT's little 'Gauraia' (english: Sparrow) will spy on the enemy, made a nano drone

The little 'Gauraia' (english: Sparrow) developed by Aerospace Engineering department of IIT, a nano drone of just 239 grams, preferred by the army for surveillance with three modifications.

Kanpur: History is repeating itself even in the world of technology. In ancient India, the armies of kings used to train hawks and pigeons for intelligence messages, so now the little 'sparrow' of IIT is being prepared to bring secrets of enemies. It is a nano drone of just 239 grams, which has been preferred by the army for surveillance with three modifications. This nano drone has been made by Vasanth, a student of Aerospace Engineering at IIT Kanpur. He is now going to adapt it according to the needs of the army.

Vasanth's Nano Drone 'Sparrow' has many features. It would be very difficult to recognize it. It will not be visible to the naked eye as soon as it goes 50 meters above the ground. Its sound cannot be heard even after 35 meters. Vasanth told that when he tried it before the army officers, he found it very useful. Because of the size of the bird and the movement of the wings, it will not be easy for radar to detect it. Army officials have given some suggestions to make it better, on which work has started.

Nano Drone Policy

The Government of India had formulated the Drone Policy in 2021. In this, drones weighing less than 250 grams have been kept in the nano category. According to Vasanth, after many experiments at the material and structural level, he was able to bring 'Sparrow' under the weight of Nano. It has been developed specifically for the use of the army. It can be used in inaccessible places where large drones or soldiers are difficult to reach or are at high risk.

Features of Gauraia Drone

Weight: 239 grams

Speed: 120km/h

Flight Capacity: 30 minutes

Flight altitude: up to two km

Surveillance: Diameter of 4 km

Voice: Inaudible after 35m

Price: Rs 1.20 lakh

Army needs this amendment

- Size and color

- Install night vision cameras

- Must have anti-radar sensor

IIT (Director of Sparrow Project), Aerospace Engineering, Prof. Abhishek said that these nano drones can be carried in the pocket. After normal training, it can also be flown by the jawans. The army has found it useful for its work. Vasanth is working on making it even better.

IIT has developed many useful drones

Hawk Drone: 300g drone, suitable for building operations. Able to fly for 25 minutes. Can give live detail up to two km.

Auto Pilot: Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Cyber ​​Security. Despite the crash, the data is sent to the control room.

Agriculture Drone: Capable of monitoring crops, spraying medicine. Effective spraying of plants, reduces wastage of medicine.

Medical Drones: Medicines, blood or vaccines weighing up to five kg can safely reach mountainous and inaccessible areas.