Survey of Dadam mountain by drone, team reached under the leadership of ADC

Drone utilised in survey of revenue areas by Disctrict Administration

A team led by ADC Rahul Narwal reached Dadam to conduct a survey. The team surveyed the mountain with a drone. On January 1, there was an accident in Dadam due to slipping of rock during mining in which five people were killed, even after that two people have died. Regarding this, ADC Rahul Narwal, State Geologist Deepak Hooda, Engineer Mining Sanjay Sambhrawal, DFO Bhiwani Dalip Singh, Tehsildar Suresh Kumar, Senior Surveyor Narasimha and Principal Scientist Dadam reached the mining area and surveyed the entire area. During the survey, the pits made on the land of the Forest Department were also inspected. The company currently mining in Dadam says that they have mined in the authorized area. He did not do mining in the forest department's land. Before him, other companies have also done mining work here. Mining work has been done by him in the forest area. The survey team reached Dadam and prepared its survey report. MO Bhupendra Singh said that the team had come under the leadership of ADC to survey the Dadam mountain. The mountain has been surveyed. Village royalty arrears of 35 crores

The village Dadam owes about 35 crores of royalty from the mining company in Dadam Pahad and last day the Block Development and Panchayat Officer had also written a letter to the District Deputy Commissioner in which it was told that according to the instructions of the Panchayat Department, this amount of royalty 10 percent, but the mining company concerned is not paying royalty to the village Dadam. The royalty dues of Dadam Panchayat is about Rs 35 crore. Due to the accidents, the government had constituted a committee to prepare a report on the shortcomings of the mining sector. On the report of this committee, the government took strict action against the company for breaking the rules in Dada Mining Area and on May 1, the mining work has been banned for a month and since then the mountain is closed. At the same time, a fine of Rs 29 crore was imposed on the company. On June 5, the company started work to repair the mining area.